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Intercultural Training

Our consultants and trainers share a strong experience in intercultural training and coaching. These specialists put at your disposal their know-how and unique skills in the area of intercultural adaptability, evaluation and training.

Our objectives:

  • Assess the cultural adaptability of the company's candidates
  • Anticipate potential points of risk in relation to intercultural adaptation
  • Raise the success rate of the expatriation

Our services:

  • Evaluation of your candidates' intercultural adaptability
    • "Overseas Assignment Inventory" questionnaire to be completed by the candidate and by the spouse
    • Evaluation of the results of the questionnaire based on a data base including more than 4 000 candidates
    • Individual meeting with the candidate and with the spouse
    • Interpretation of the results followed by an evaluation report
  • Individual intercultural training
    • Preliminary contact to define the individual requirements
    • Setting up of an individualized training program
    • One to three days of training
    • Action plan, synthesis and follow-up
  • Coaching of the spouse
    • Preliminary contact to define the requirements
    • Setting up of an individualized coaching program
    • Coaching and web conferences

Our specific features:

  • Training based on an active approach which refers to the participants' experiences
  • Focus on the specific needs of each family, the cultural differences of each individual as well as the culture of the country of destination
  • Combination of a theoretical and practical approach
  • Safety and security training for expatriates
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