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Relocation Services vor Ort

Relocation Services

Assistance on Site

Management Mobility Consulting provides customized services during the whole duration of the assignment. To facilitate the administrative aspect, we take care of the on-going leases management for our client companies.

Our objectives:

  • Provide a large range of customized services during the whole duration of the assignement
  • Facilitate the on-going lease management

Our services:

  • On-going lease management
    • Administrative follow-up of on-going leases on behalf of client companies
    • Renewals of maintenance contracts
    • Mandatory chimney sweeping
    • Rent increase follow-up
    • Interface between the tenant and the owner
  • On site services
    • Accident notification, water damage, theft, etc.
    • Demands of quotations from service providers
    • Repair works follow-up, decoration, cleaning, etc.
    • Other "à la carte" services on site
  • Spouse job search assistance
    • Individual and personalized accompaniment by a specialized consultant during the active research phase (in cooperation with specialized service providers)
    • Different job search assistance programmes depending on specific needs
    • Programme duration may vary between 3 and 12 months and can last until the end of the trial period

Our special features:

  • Individual reporting about on-going leases and on site assistance
  • Statistics and benchmarking for HR departments of client companies
Management Mobility Consulting is member of these relocation associations:

Worldwide ERC - The Workface Mobility AssociationRelocation France - Magellan Quality Label 2018Global Relocation ServicesChambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d'IndustrieSNPRM - French Association of Relocation and Mobility ProfessionalsEuRA - European Relocation Association